XRAY is proud to announce: The XRAY Featured Artist Series

The word about XRAY has spread, via t-shirt, tote bag or, most often, word-of-mouth. And that word carries us on toward our mission: to put a microphone to the best and most distinctive of our community. Our on-air DJs and hosts are local artists, musicians, news heads, comedians and regular folks; tastemakers with an ear toward what makes Portland special.

And thanks to a partnership with Grapevine Outdoor, a local outdoor advertising company, we get to celebrate that specialness by presenting some of Portland’s finest Featured Artists and Featured Voices. We are excited and grateful to be able to share and celebrate local people who make our community more beautiful, more creative, more challenging, smarter, funnier, and more just.   

XRAY’s Featured Artist Campaign will feature up-and-coming local artists: radio show guests, XRAY Sessions artists, XRAY event performers, and more.

Look for our two billboards on SE 122nd & Division and SW Broadway & 6th. Follow each artist’s story on the XRAY.FM blog. Radio is Yours. 


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