XRAY.FM Featured Artist: Blossom

XRAY.FM and Grapevine Outdoor are proud to present our very first #XRAYFeaturedArtist: Blossom. Blossom has been delivering R&B sounds to the Portland scene for the past few years. As a part of the EYRST family, Blossom has been making waves all over the hip hop scene in Portland, including performing at PDX Pop Now and with local rapper Aminé on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Read below for an XRAY.FM exclusive interview with Blossom.

What’s the story behind your name?

Blossom is actually one of my middle names! My whole name is Keisha Blossom Rennia Diana Chiddick! My whole family has called me blossom since birth. I go by Keisha for work and my professional day job career but Blossom is the name I identify more with. 

Are you from Portland? 

I’m not originally from Portland. I moved here from Trinidad and Tobago a month before my 6th birthday. Moved with my dad and my step-mom Julie, who lived in Portland. 

The R&B and Hip Hop scene is blowing up in Portland, but for many it’s still pretty underground. Why do you think that is, and do you want it to change?

I love the fact that Portland Hip-Hop is underground. That’s why I fell in love with hip-hop. I love being able to get up close and personal with an artist whose bearing their soul and sharing their love for music without holding back. I wish that carried over more to mainstream music. I have mixed feelings about that changing. A lot of artists here deserve to be recognized for their hard work and consistency with their music. Once people realize the magic Portland has will it be sucked dry? I think it’s been underground for so long because artist are stubborn about their art and haven’t really gotten a chance to leave Portland. Traveling has showed me that what I have is rare and should be shared. I think the scene is starting to feel like that too.

What do you think Tuesday’s performance on Jimmy Fallon with Amine and The Last Artful Dodgr will mean for Portland-based musicians?

EXPOSURE!! And respect. Ask people about the Portland Hip-Hop scene a few months ago and they’ll say “What scene? Portland ain’t got no talent” After this, that’ll change. 

It seems like you’re performing in Portland (and other cities) almost every week. Has joining the EYRST Label helped with that? What is your relationship with the label like?

I am I am! This year alone I’ve had over 60 shows. I am my own manager and stage mom. I book my own shows, answer my own emails and promote myself. I have help when needed tho don’t get me wrong. Eyrst has been a massive support in recording and putting out music for me consistently. The Eyrst team has been a family and support system. They also help with spreading the word about my music and my producer, Neill Von Tally  is also on the Label. 

Any projects coming up?

I currently am working on an album with Liquid Beats that should be out in the Spring! Very excited about it! Beats created by Hot16 , recorded at Eyrst! 

What are you listening to on repeat right now?

Solange! She has provided a soundscape for everything I’m going through, both politically and as a woman. 

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