We Owe Some of You a Thank You

Amongst these beautiful faces are some of Portland’s most dedicated stewards and cultural mavericks. They encapsulate this city’s inherent call for communal cooperation, and honest dedication to all things just. We’d be more of a skeleton than we actually are without their generous contributions. For without them, we wouldn’t be able to hold a mic up to the community they all serve.

We’re small yet mighty, just like you. Everyone here at XRAY wants to thank you for your sponsorship. Your partnership keeps our community of musicians, artists, and free thinkers alive. However, don’t feel pressured to keep those poinsettias alive. We know they’re not indigenous to the Northwest, let alone the Northern Hemisphere. The important thing is that they smell nice. Kind of like you.


Alberta Street Co-Op,

We consider you one of the premier aggregates for locally sourced food. So thank you for that, and also for supporting so many other rad organizations.





Atlas Tatoo,

We know the ink you use cures mortality. Thank you for the sponsorship but we want in on some of this Tuck Everlasting action.




Beech Street Parlor,

Thank you, for your generous contribution and the lovely Victorian atmosphere. The dim lighting and period appropriate furniture make us feel like French philosophers on the verge of a groundbreaking paradigm shift.




Beth Earnest Real Estate & Associates,

You guys are rock stars! Thank you so much for supporting us. Your generosity lives inside the tiny studio apartment that is our heart, rent-free of course.




Brass Tacks,

Your support tastes as good as the puns on your meat menu. Thanks for “Turkeying” your love to the limit (someone is getting fired for this).
“Brass Tacks Supports X-Ray Fm for helping to maintain the sense of identity and uniqueness in Portland that lets quirky little sandwich shops do their thing.  Thanks for keeping Portland a relevant place for music and openness, thanks X-ray!” — Ami Taylor, Brass Tacks Sandwiches



Bunk Bar,

You already provide such a great space for music and killer food. We have much to learn from your radness, Senpai, thank you!







Five Points Coffee Roasters,

Thanks for showing your support in addition to that delicious life juice you brew.



Control Voltage,

Thank you for the sponsorship and for the DIY synth kits. They have made us immune to electric shock.

“We support XRAY.FM cause XRAY is the raddest station in town, the DJ’s play the absolute best music, has the most interesting programming and we’re always listening! Thank you XRAY.FM, for everything you do!!!”

– We see you, Jason of Control Voltage

Dean's Car Care.jpg




Dean’s Car Repair,

Dean, you sexy grease monkey of a man. Thank you for supporting another awesome local organization. You’re more reliable than a ’86 Honda Civic hatchback with a custom boxer engine.




Floating World Comics,

Thank you for all that you do for us and the community as a whole! You publish some rad stuff guys, keep it up!






You grant us sponsorship and provide Portland with a Prince themed zine? Yeah, we knew you guys were legit. Thank you so much for the help!






Food Front Co-Op, 

Stay fresh, stay crisp, fresh produce is a way of life. Thank you guys!





Fried Egg I’m In Love,

What is love without a fried egg and a nice big thank you from XRAY? Now, do you want this thank you scrambled or sunny side up?











Thank you for being as reliable as your delicious falafel wrap. It’s gotten us through some crazy nights.





Hoesly Eco Automotive,

Thank you for keeping those cars running so people can listen to us on the air!


Sizzle Pie,

We’ve got no clue what we’re going to do with all this shredded cheese.  Thanks for being a badass sponsor in addition to the 350 pounds of shredded provolone. 






B-Line Delivery, 

 Your help was very much appreciated! Let’s set up a time and place for a bicycle drag race, winner goes home with pink slips.  









Taboo Video,

Thank you for your sponsorship and for keeping Portland a sex-positive city! You are an angel, Taboo.  








Morel Ink,

Thanks for helping us get our name out there guys! Our swag game would be as bland as a Rob Schneider sequel without your expertise. 


Mt Tabor Chiropractic Center (1).jpg





Mt Tabor Chiropractic,

Thank you Mt. Tabor Chiropractic! You’re the reason why Portland has some of the best posture this side of the Mississippi.






People’s Food Co-Op,

Thanks for the organic, locally sourced foods and partnership. We’re honored to be a part of your community.






Porque No?,

Thank you guys! 13 years from now – when we turn 16 – we’d love for you to host our quinceanera.





Portland Nursery, 

Thank you for helping us grow. We know it’s kind of your thing.





Potato Champion,

Canada gave the world Poutine, Mexico their Tecate. You have blessed us with both plus a kickass sponsorship. Thank you!

Potato Champion supports Xray.fm because:

  1.  Radio is a crucial part of our community.
  2.  Corporate radio is the WORST.
  3.  Xray.fm has quite a few shows that play music you will hear nowhere else.

— Mike McKinnon, Potato Champion


Random Order Coffee House,

Are all of your baristas this happy? or are they just overcaffeinated? This is something we can definitely relate to. Thank you for your friendship!



Ray’s Ragtime, 

Thank you very much for your help. We hope you’re happy with your new home in Hollywood!







Cardinal Club,

Happy Holidays you guys! Thank you, for supplying the resources to our muse. 







Tender Loving Empire,

Your compassion for our creative community was already enough to warrant a thousand thank yous. We appreciate you, and the sponsorship.







Tom Dwyer,

Thank you, Tom Dwyer Automotive. Your sponsorship guarantees another year of on-air voices. We sing your praise from the radio and beyond!








Portland Community Media,

Our partners in crime. We look forward to watching this coalition help elevate the voices of our community. Thank you, oh so affectionately, for both your time and infinite knowledge. We hope you enjoyed the Poinsettias! 

Click on the link here if you want to check out more of our sponsors!

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