XRAY.FM Featured Artist: Maggie Morris

Design by Kyle Mayfield | Photo by Todd Walberg

XRAY.FM and Grapevine Outdoor are proud to present our next #XRAYFeaturedArtist: Maggie Morris of Genders. We sit down with Maggie to discuss her favorite records, cultivating the Portland music scene, and the current state of punk rock. See Maggie at the 2017 XRAY Awards on January 21st, and read her interview below:

Any big musical goals for 2017?

Too many goals! In the next couple months I will be releasing an album for my project, Sunbathe, that I am extremely proud of and excited to show the world. Genders will be recording a new album later in the spring and hopefully releasing that in Fall/Winter. Deathlist (the band I play bass in), Sunbathe, and Divers are scheming a west coast tour…and I’m sure Genders will be doing that as well in the summer. I also want to record a cover album this year, all of sappy love songs since I can’t write them myself.

What was your favorite show you played in 2016?

Sunbathe – December 10 at the Liquor Store with Wimps and Mini Blinds
Deathlist – December 10 at the Kenton Club with Bombay Beach and Loveboys
Genders – July 16 at Bunk Bar with Divers and Times Infinity

As an individual you seem active not only in making music, but in cultivating the culture surrounding it as well. In what ways do you think Portland’s music scene could use improvement?

Thank you! And I think it is pretty darn great as it is…sometimes the people in the music community are the only reason I want to stick around Portland. I feel so lucky to be a part of it and try to be as genuine as possible within it. I definitely think that there needs to be a resurgence in the all ages scene…and not just with house shows. As someone who was a total loser in high school…I feel like house shows kinda make the music scene exclusive to the cool kids. There needs to be a more public space for people to get together and play. I really miss Backspace and the Artistery.

Is there a local band that you are especially excited about right now? 

I am really excited for the new albums that Divers, The Wild Body, and Fronjentress are working on! All really different types of music, all extremely amazing. Everyone should see their shows.

Are their any specific local musicians who you would be especially interested in collaborating with in the future?

I would love to sing some cumbia songs with Orquestra Pacifico Tropical!!

People joke that punk rock will improve under a Trump presidency. Do you predict any palpable shifts in American music over the next four years?

Definitely YES. I wouldn’t even call it a joke. I know my bandmate, Jenny Logan, and I were talking about how playing our personal songs feels kinda silly in this political climate and that it doesn’t feel like enough. We want to start a riot grrl band. I already have some song ideas that I think I’m just going to record and see what comes together from that…I have a lot of rage to get out.

Top 5 favorite albums of 2016?

1. Chris Cohen – As If Apart
2. Cass McCombs – Mangy Love
3. Angel Olsen – My Woman
4. Karl Blau – Introducing Karl Blau
5. Viking Skate Country- Sent Here to Destroy You

By Dylan Farwell

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