XRAY.FM Featured Artist: Sun Angle

Over the past few years Sun Angle has moved to the forefront of Portland’s psyche rock community.  They take all the trappings of psych rock and add their own punk energy to the genre. Making them a truly unique entity in the local music scene.  This can be heard on their recently released sophomore album Skullflower.  This is their first album released on XRAY records. The album is packed full of trippy sounds and frenetic drumming that feels like a modern take on the Grateful Dead’s ‘Anthem of the Sun’. The band consists of bassist Marius Libman, drummer David ‘Papi’ Fimbres, and guitarist/singer Charlie Salas-Humara. When they are not recording music they can be found playing gigs, hosting the Heavy Breather show on XRAY.fm,  and creating local music festivals.  Expect great things from Sun Angle in 2017. — Dylan Farwell

See more sessions on the XRAY Youtube Channel

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