3 Songs: Vetiver Live (& Lovely) on XRAY.FM

Who was last week’s Radio Guest of the Week™? In this show host’s opinion, that imaginary crown sits firmly atop the head of Vetiver‘s Andy Cabic for his guest appearance on Thursday’s episode of Ghost Chapel (3-4pm Thursdays on XRAY.FM).

Andy hunkered down in Studio A and gave a performance worth sharing, not only bringing his distinctly crisp and velvet voice to life, but also bringing Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats along for additional vocals and guitar. You can hear the beautiful songs below in XRAY’s 3 track Soundcloud playlist, and those interested in hearing the entire interview, where we chatted about what’s been happening in Andy’s @vetiverse (note: social media username drop), should click here.

Listen to the three songs below:



Full interview here.

Thank you Andy and Eric. You both are welcome back on Ghost Chapel any time!

And thanks to our lovely soundguy: XRAY’s Arthur Rizzotto 

-Amy Dials (Host of Ghost Chapel) for XRAY.FM

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