As you savvy listeners are likely well aware, our DJs don’t just retire to their cryotubes for refueling seconds after their show ends. No, these fine men and women have lives and careers outside of the humble studios of XRAY, and every week, we are going to do our best to keep you apprised of their professional comings and goings right here. So saddle up, pardners, and fire up those calendars for a-markin’.


Steven Cantor, the host of the dreamy late night show The Darkest Hour (Tuesdays, 1-3am), keeps plenty busy beyond those two hours on XRAY. He regularly produces an online show called Beats + Pieces In The Cloud where he connects the various strands of jazz, classical, world music, electronica, and beyond with ease and guile. Check out the latest installment below and then click here to hear past episodes.


Night owls may know her as DJ Kittybot, host of Leopardus Pardalis (Mondays, 3-5am), but tonight she will be spinning an all vinyl set tonight – Tuesday, March 14th – from 8pm – 12am at local watering hole Mad Hanna that is reflective of her dark wave-centered show. From Cindytalk to Nick Cave, the music selections concentrate on the dark and decadent sounds of the late ’70s through the mid-’90s, but includes an eclectic mix of music that reflects the roots of Kittybot’s tastes. Expect psych and rock sounds from the cradles of civilization that have influenced music today. Your record selectrix, DJ Kittybot, knows no borders!



Gina Altamura, aka DJ Serious Moonlight, co-host of the always bouncing Intuitive Navigation (Saturdays 6pm) has put together another impressive combination of film and music over at Holocene called Fin De Cinema that’s taking place on Wednesday March 15th. This time around, they will be screening Akira Kurosawa’s final film Dreams and pairing it with a live soundtrack put together by local musicians Jonathan Sielaff (one half of Golden Retriever), Brown Calculus, Palm Dat (Gina’s co-host on Intuitive Navigation), and Dylan Stark. For more details, including how to get tickets, click here.



Our beloved DJ Freaky Outty, host of Night Drive (Thursdays, 11pm) will be leading his wonderful DJ night The Way Up over at Holocene this Friday the 17th at 9pm. He will be joined by his partner-in-crime DJ Solo and will be spinning a selection of dancehall, soca, afrobeats, and other international dance jams. Click here for more details.


If you like listening to Strange Babes every Tuesday afternoon from 4 – 6pm on XRAY, then you’re going to love their upcoming Dynasty Danze Party going down at Killingsworth Dynasty from 9pm to closing time on Friday the 17th. I swear to you, brothers and sisters, these ladies bring the fire jams every time out, so limber up and stay hydrated ‘cuz they’re gonna have you movin’!



Lastly, but not leastly, our charming and talented DJ Dave Cantrell, the purveyor of post-punk every Wednesday night from 9 – 10pm on Songs From Under The Floorboard, is gearing up for another installment of his amazing Out From The Shadows Festival (April 6 – 9 at the Tonic Lounge).

To stir up some cash for his peerless efforts, he’s hosting a pre-fest event this Saturday the 18th at Blackwater Bar featuring the musical talents of Murderbait, Fleshh, and Atomic Candles.

Head over here for more details and get ready to support the local and international post-punk and darkwave scene, y’all.

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