Photos from XRAY.FM’s 3rd Birthday Bash

This March 12th marked the third anniversary of XRAY.FM and the official launch of XRAY TV in collaboration with Open Signal.

For the anniversary, XRAY hosted a big Birthday Bash at Mississippi Studios. They showcased an array of different musical artists, hosted a photo-op for XRAY TV, premiered some of the new local TV shows for XRAY TV, hosted a raffle, and even delivered free cookies into the audience!


The first band onstage was an Olympia-based indie-rock band called LAKE. LAKE are currently signed to K Records and about to release a new album on April 7th of this year. Their chemistry is notable, and their style, incredibly likeable. The band consists of Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson, an adorable married couple, as well as drummer Andrew Dorsett. As the first band to kick off the party, they drew the crowd from an empty room to a full one within just a few songs. Within minutes, they had everyone smiling and tuning in to their pleasant, twinkly sound.

Next on the docket was another Washington-based musician named Karl Blau. Blau played some folky, old-school country-style songs, leading on guitar. Behind him was another appearance by both Andrew Dorsett on drums and Eli Moore as second guitarist.

In between sets, the event was hosted by emcees DJ Klyph of Welcome to the Neighborhood and comedian Caitlin Weierhauser, cracking witty jokes and reminding everyone of the other fun things to check out that night. The raffle appeared to be a huge success; all the drawing buckets filled to the brim with raffle tickets. People stopped by the XRAY merch table to chat and talk about the radio station. The local community support for XRAY is tangible and astounding to watch. –  And XRAY showed their appreciation for the community by doing something “sweet” – they walked around and distributed cookies to the entire audience!

The last musical guest of the night was our very own local Chanti Darling, whose Frank Ocean-style vocals and original beats lit up the entirety of Mississippi Studios. Chanti’s energy is vivid, with lyrics and voice to match. Alongside him were two talented dancers, with whom he had choreographed the entire set, and behind him was a wonderful DJ.

Happy birthday to XRAY.FM! A big thanks to all the bands who came out and to the community for always supporting the incredible local music scene!

Photos and Writing by Eirinn Gragson


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