XRAY DJ News (4/3/17)

If you’re just joining us, we are spending a little time regularly highlighting the work that our talented and knowledgable on air personalities get up to when they’re not thrilling your spirit with their musical selections on XRAY. They’re busy, busy folks, so we know how lucky we are to get a little bit of their time each week. So, quid pro quo, we’re returning the favor a bit by shining the spotlight on their extracurricular activities. Without further ado, here’s where to find your favorite XRAY DJs out in the world this week.



When DJ Nate C isn’t keeping the spirit of hard ‘n’ heavy rock alive every Wednesday (10pm-12am) with his show Heavy Metal Sewing Circle, he spends his days helping an array of artists with their tour planning. One of those groups that his company Nanotear Booking works with is the long-running, one-man technologically-driven grind metal act from San Francisco known as Captured! By Robots. This project is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a big tour, which hits the hallowed halls of Dante’s this coming Saturday, April 8th, with opening sets by Spazztic Blur, Rotting Slab, and Snakes.


dj-cal-mockup4 (1)

The always reliable taste of Ben Hubbird, host of Forever Now (Fridays, 3-4pm), will be carrying a crate of records over to the still-fresh bar called Paydirt on April 7th to delight the patrons on what should be a booming Friday evening. I’m not entirely sure what “slappers, boom boom, and jangle” means, but I’m dying to find out.



XRAY’s music director Theo Craig can most often be heard on our airwaves on Fridays from 4-6pm with his well-curated show Take It To The Bridge. But he is also a mean motherscratcher on the bass guitar, which he is going to prove to you without fail on Tuesday April 4th when one of his musical projects Máscaras takes to the stage of Black Water Bar, alongside the Denver group Male Blonding and the San Francisco outfit Couches.


Every second Saturday of the month, DDDJJJ666 (host of Hipsters Suck, every Monday night from 11pm-1am on XRAY) and his lovely partner-in-crime Magnolia Bouvier brave the dark interior of local horror bar The Lovecraft for their regular Musick For Mannequins. They kick off this month on Saturday April 8th starting at 10pm. Wear black on the outside, but only if black is how you feel on the inside.

If that weren’t enough you can also hear what DDDJJJ666 has to say and play if you tune into WFMU web stream Give The Drummer Radio tomorrow Tuesday April 4th, where he’ll be filling in for the inimitable Tony Coulter from 9am – 12pm PT.



If you like what Megan Hattie brings to the dinner table every week with the delightful show Is Butter A Carb? (Thursdays from 9-10pm), you’re going to love what they do onstage performing standup. In fact, they’ve got a great event happening this coming Saturday, April 8th: a benefit show for the Pride Foundation at the Siren Theater. Joining Megan at the show is fellow That’s What She Said comics and guests Kirsten Kuppenbender, Alayna Becker, and Barbara Holm.


unnamed (1)

You know them, you love them, you wish you had their record collections. They are the Strange Babes, collective hosts of one of XRAY’s most beloved shows (every Tuesday from 4-6pm). These wonderful ladies are as busy as ever, including this awesome looking dance party at The Know this coming Saturday April 8th. Magic Beans, Jen O, and KM Fizzy will be bookending a live performance by the wonderful group Moth Vision. That’s hot stuff, cats and kittens.


Lastly, but not leastly, our DJs can often be found working over the wheels of steel at some delightful watering holes around the city. That includes the cozy, inviting Beech St. Parlor, where, this week, our very own Jason Urick (host of Galaxy My Dear every Tuesday from 6-8pm) can be found on Tuesday, April 4th, and DJ Musique Plastique (co-host of Concentric Circles Tuesdays from 10-11pm) will be in the mix on Friday March 7th.

Or this week, you can spend some time at Dig A Pony where DJ Anjali & the Incredible Kid (hosts of Chor Bazaar, 6-7pm every Wednesday) will be in the DJ booth tonight April 3rd; where DJ El Dorado (co-host of Ballin’ The Jack on Sundays from 9-11pm) will be spinning early rock/R&B on Wednesday April 5th; where Strange Babe Jen O will be on Thursday April 6th playing art punk, no wave, and sides from the international underground; and where DJ Bobby D (host of Night School, Fridays 6-7pm) promises a night of ’90s hip-hop, dance music and modern funk on Friday April 7th. 

Whew. That’s a lot of good music for you. Get out there and enjoy it. And while you’re on the way there and back…tune into XRAY.