Music: Dead Moon – “It’s OK (Live)”

Way back in 1994, the venerable X-Ray Cafe closed its doors for good. If you’re unfamiliar with the space, it was a cafe and an all-ages venue that was the catalyst for the Portland indie scene of the late ’80s/early ’90s. The artists helped put this city on the map—Quasi, Pond, Five Fingers of Funk, Daniel Menche, Heatmiser, Smegma—all got their start playing in that space.

Wisely, Ben & Tres decided that the only proper way to send the space off was to bring in one of the city’s best bands Dead Moon to perform. And wisely, someone committed that show to tape, capturing this garage punk band in all their fuzzy, fiery glory.

Lucky for us, the good people at Voodoo Doughnut Recordings are about to release that recording under the name What A Way To See The Old Girl Go for fans of Fred and Toody Cole and their drummer, the late Andrew Loomis, and the power that they generated as a unit.

They were also kind enough to offer up a little taste of the lightning with a track from this live album, which you can hear right here. And if you are so inspired to pick up a copy of the LP, look for it in your local record shops on April 21st.