Tell us about Hifi Farms. What makes it unique?

Philosophy and values are what make Hifi Farms unique.  Of course we want to bring the most beautiful, clean and quality products to market but that is a baseline for us.  We want to build a company and a culture that enriches people’s lives, supports them in pursuit of their passions and rewards their talent with good wages and ownership in the business.  Caring about these things and trusting that doing the right thing, by our employees, our planet and our community will make us successful creates a specialness around our company that is hard to describe.

P1020900What does it mean / what does it take to be Clean Green Certified?

Being Clean Green is a relatively simple process of opening our doors to a full, third party inspection process that verifies that we don’t use any toxic or hazardous additives in our cultivation.  It is an important mark of our transparency but really only the first step.  Being sustainable, the way we see it, is much bigger and involves things like eliminating bottled nutrients entirely and building living soil that we can recycle perpetually.  Using less power and creating less waste is an obsession for us.  It’s part of our commitment to the environment and it makes us more competitive in our industry.

Any events coming up?

The Live At Hifi Farms house show series dates back almost to the beginning of the company itself. We’ve hosted performers such as Patterson Hood, Stephen Malkmus, Kyle O’Quin of Portugal. The Man, and Justin Townes Earle in the past, and our latest string of events have been variety shows featuring music, comedy, spoken word, and the like. We call the series LOFI At Hifi, and interestingly these shows are a direct descendant of The New Shit Show, which XRAY sponsored. Our next one is on May 5th.

DSCN1693Top moments in Hifi’s history?

Well we have been around for a couple of years and it has been wild ride so there are a few.  Getting our Recreational License was huge.  Having our CEO, Sara, recognized as an Executive to Watch in 2017 by the Portland Business Journal.  Richard, our COO’s face in Esquire Magazine.  And our Hifi House Shows which are these amazing salon/rock events at Founder Lee Henderson’s McCormick Mansion home where we bring our community together to enjoy music and performing arts.

Why did you choose to sponsor with XRAY?

The founders of Hifi all share a real love for radio, and for music and culture. XRAY is a great way for us to let folks know who we are, to better connect to our local Portland community. We really appreciated XRAY’s mission of being a values-driven organization that seeks “truth, a better community… and fun.”

Do you have a favorite XRAY show?

“Sex, Drugs, & Basketball”

What music are you into currently?

Portugal. The Man’s new record (it’s not out yet) is amazing. Spoon’s new record is fantastic. Local bands like Summer Cannibals and The Thermals. Jené, the Sponsorship Coordinator for XRAY, just turned me on to Sister Nancy. We’re all over the place. Check out our Spotify page for more.

Lastly, where can our listeners find you?

Our farm is in Hillsboro, a little ways west of Portland.


By Dylan Farwell

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