In Case You Missed It! The Week in Review: May 20-26

Greetings, XRAY Friends! Are you ready to have your mind blown by how many things  you missed on XRAY In The Morning this week? Of course you are.  Let us begin.

On Tuesday we talked to City Commissioner Nick Fish about City Council and the new budget.  Luckily, Portland has both of those things, and they’re important, so listen here:

On Wednesday, we talked to Senator James Manning, champion of the underdog, and have-er of a great voice for radio. He gave us the lowdown on the freshly finished legislative session and discussed his experience in the Army and as a police commissioner.  Listen here:

If you’re in the mood for more, head over to our Soundcloud archive.  On Wednesday‘s show we talked to author Claire Dederer right after Senator Manning, and had a great episode of Everything is Interesting with Keera and Kira. On Thursday we spoke with Erica Stock of Sierra Club, and Amy Kohnstamm, Vice Chair of the Portland School Board.  We also had our usual segment with Dirk VanderHart of the Portland Mercury.  Friday was cool, too, with good ol’ Oh My Dollar and good ol’ Minority Retort. Plus our Friday hosts, Caitlin Weierhauser and Jason Traeger, are hilarious enough that the all the depressing news is a little less depressing!  Gotta keep up somehow, stuff is happening.

If you haven’t been keeping up (remember, we have news and commentary every weekday morning at 7am i.e. the beginning of each episode), here’s some reading to fix your brain right up and make it good as new… or maybe as good as an iPhone that’s just been updated.

What We’ve Been Reading

Gianforte’s Victory After Assaulting Reporter Reflects Rising Tribalism In American Politics Washington Post

Found the drawback to early voting.


Image result for trump nato

Trump Fails Another Leadership Test  New York Times



Image result for Kushner

Jared Kushner Now A Focus In Russia Investigation  Washington Post

Still, duh.


Hall Monitor: Hall Pass Revoked  Portland Mercury

“Cry Because it’s ending, or smile because it happened.”


JFK’s Last Birthday Washington Post

JFK was a good dude.


That’s it for the recap, tune in next week!

In addition to the usual news coverage and regular spots, we’ll be starting a brand new segment called ComicsTown with Jeremy Atkins, Crystal Contreras and Dique Scott will put in their 2 cents on the Kooks Burrito debate, and we’ll talk to Pauly Shore about whatever you talk to Pauly Shore about.  Don’t miss it!