In Case You Missed It! The Week In Review: May 27-June 2

Welcome to Blogtown, it’s recap time, so let’s get to it!

On Wednesday, comedian Tyrone Collins (aka Real Hyjinx) cohosted News With Friends, which included a community discussion of the tragedy on the MAX last week with lots of folks calling in and texting us their comments.

We also hosted a brief debate on the Kooks Burrito Controversy with  Crystal Contreras and Dique Scott, who have both written about cultural co-opting of food.

We had an awesome show Friday (today) with our pals Caitlin Weierhauser and Jason Traeger hosting a glorious lineup: comedian Pauly Shore, Jacob Hueri of Portland Outdoor School, and Sir Mix-a-lot on a brand new episode of Minority Retort.

In case you were curious, Pauly Shore is not on Tinder, but you can see his niece and nephew on his Snapchat. No word on how he deals with brainfreeze. Also, the most recent episode of Oh My Dollar aired today and made me rethink my entire approach to beans. A real game-changer.

Monday we had reruns- Memorial Day- and Tuesday and Thursday’s shows are worth checking out on our Soundcloud, but I’m not gonna get specific on those, because honestly, I’m at PDX and hoping to check out that new Hollywood Theater installation before my flight. Sorry, not sorry.

So without further ado, here’s the tragic and frustrating, but still somewhat hopeful news we’ve been reading this week.

What We’ve Been Reading!

Image result for portland vigil hollywood

Portlanders Arrive by the Thousands for Vigil to Celebrate Men Who Gave Their Lives on MAX Train Willamette Week

White Supremacists Are Brawling With Masked Leftists in the Portland Streets. Homeland Security is Watching Willamette Week

Be safe this weekend, folks

Image result for Trump withdraws

Trump Will Withdraw US From Paris Climate Agreement New York Times

What a stupid embarrassing jerk. Who woulda thunk that hope for our planet would be coming from ExxonMobil Shareholders rather than the white house…

Image result for exxon shareholders

Financial Firms lead Shareholder Rebellion Against ExxonMobil Climate Change Policies Washington Post

Hey, It’s not nothing.

Lastly, here’s some news to help you cope with the fact that spiders definitely 100% for sure live all over your house.  They’re your friends.  Love them, don’t squish them.

Image result for spiders

If You Don’t Like Insects, You Should Love Spiders Scientific American

Adios, my darlingest XRAY listeners.  Hasta next week!