In Case You Missed It: Trump Creates a Power Vacuum, Veganism Saves You Money, and France Knows What’s Up.

Happy Friday, Portlanders. A week happened! Here’s how!

We started off the week with Ethan Seltzer, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University, and Lenny Dee, Board Director of 350PDX. We discussed Portland’s growth boundaries and affordable housing.  Apparently, one of the greatest roadblocks to housing affordability in the city is zoning that segregates neighborhoods by building type. Maybe let’s fix that? Catch the interview here.

On Tuesday, Zeeshan Aleem came on to talk to us about Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, and particularly the “Power Vacuum” that will let China move far, far ahead of us in the green economy.  So, Trump IS helping to create jobs, but… they’re in China. Listen Here.

We had a great lineup on Wednesday. Ellen Rosenblum, our Attorney General, came on to discuss consumer protection, student debt and some other House Bills. We also had a new segment: Let Them Eat Comics with Jeremy Atkins. They’ll alternate with Everything Is Interesting on Wednesdays from now on. Activist Kathryn Stevens finished out the show, giving us her firsthand account of the uncool behavior of Portland Police at last weekend’s pro/anti-Trump rallies.

Representative Suzanne Bonamici was a highlight of our Thursday show (part of an impromptu extended session of News With My Dad, score). She came on to talk about Comey’s testimony as it happened, telling us her thoughts on Trump’s requests for private meetings and a pledge of loyalty. We also got a little preview of some of the stupider things the Trump administration is trying to do to America. Listen here.

On Friday we had a super helpful episode of Oh My Dollar.  We learned the merits of batch cooking and and the longevity of vegan food, plus other vegan bonuses: it’s cheaper than meat, if you stick it in your purse it won’t stink up the joint. However, they failed to mention one of my all-time favorite vegan perks… you never have rotting animal carcass stuck in your teeth. Ever.

Minority Retort wrapped up the show, good as ever, followed by a rundown on Jason Lamb’s, Caitlin Weierhauser’s and Jason Traeger’s upcoming shows. Catch it all below:


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What We’ve Been Reading!


So much News this week! Golly Gosh! Where to start? Probably here…

There’s No Indication Comey Violated The Law. Trump May be About To – Washington Post

Image result for comey cameras

Does anyone else miss George W. Bush? That shining presidential beacon of eloquence and reason? Lordy.

Theresa May’s Failed GambleThe Economist

Image result for May theresa

Shoulda stuck with Nickel Slots.

Trump Pulling Out of Paris Climate Agreement is Great News…. For ChinaVox

I could go for China… but France probably pays more, and Macron invited us himself.

Lastly, we love The Portland Mercury, and The Mercury loves us back (XRAY shout-out at the end of this column!). Here’s a little tidbit to finish us off!

From Slacktivism to Activism – Portland Mercury

Adieu, Fair XRAY Listeners! Thanks for reading and don’t be a stranger!