In Case You Missed It: Anarchism is Not Anarchy, Trump is Under Investigation, and Nonbinary is an Option.

It’s Friday again! Welcome to Episode 7 of In Case You Missed It! Get ready for another guided tour of the best stuff that happened on XRAY In The Morning this week.

Here we go.

On Monday, we heard from Rita Moore, a newly elected Portland Public Schools school board official whose victory against Jamila Munson stirred a conversation about white supremacy in PPS. She discusses that, and rising racial tension in our community.

Tuesday Representative Chris Gorsek talked to us about Healthcare, money, and the roadblocks to passage of HB 2004 (Senator Rod Monroe).

Wednesday, Senator Rod Monroe came on and answered questions about his position on HB 2004. He’s not into it, and people aren’t into that, apparently. He does, however, want to expand low income housing and subsidies and look for other ways to solve the housing crisis.

Listen Here.

On Thursday, Lana & Paul Messersmith-Glavin talk about anarchy vs. being an Anarchist

This Morning, Craig Robinson came on the show, so we had three comedians talking at once! If you’re not familiar, here’s a video of him and a cute kid. He’s a good singer and he’s in some movies. Amazing!

We also had a new episode of Oh My Dollar today, and learned all about insurance! You think you know, but you have no idea. Or maybe you do know a little. But there’s always more to learn, guys.

And that’s not all!!! New Episode of Minority Retort with Soup from Jurassic 5. Will asks why he’s “California, like, super hard on this new EP.”  Boy oh boy, aren’t Fridays great. That Episode will be up later than I’m posting this, but here’s the link to our Soundcloud in General, I’ll fix it later, or it’ll just be there and you can see the date and click on it like a grown-up.


If you didn’t catch any of our news coverage (every morning, 7:00 am sharp) you can find it at the beginning of all our shows which are conveniently archived on SoundCloud. So convenient! Here’s the link to SoundCloud
If you don’t wanna backtrack and listen to aaalll of it, here’s a convenient little dose of what we’ve been reading. Catch up. Be… uh… woke! People love that word. Personally, I prefer ‘informed’ but, whatever floats your boat, just read!


Oregon Becomes First State to Allow Nonbinary on Drivers License


Jamie Shupe: State's first legally nonbinary person. Photo courtesy of Jamie Shupe

‘Bout time.


Teen Girl Engineer Team Invents Solar Powered Tent for Homeless People




Federal Judge Rejects Dakota Access Pipeline Permits, Calls For a Do-Over

Seattle Times

This Sept. 29, 2016, file photo shows a section of the Dakota Access Pipeline under construction near the town of St. Anthony in Morton County, N.D. (Tom Stromme/The Associated Press)

Poor oil companies. They probably have stress, and that is not fun.


Trump Under Investigation At Last

Washington Post

Image result for Trump under investigation



As New Renter Protections Face an Uncertain Fate, One Portland Lawmaker is Facing the Heat Portland Mercury

Image result for hb 2004 oregon


SO, next week have tons of great stuff lined up… Senator Alan DeBoer will be on, as well as Representatives Alissa Keny-Guyer and Gene Whisnant…we’ll have a new Episode of Let Them Eat Comics… and on Monday, in lieu of regular programming, we’ll partner with APANO to broadcast a full-day teach-in in honor of Juneteenth. It will run from 6am-6pm and feature conversations with local POC leaders on the history of racism in our state, what it means to be a person of color in the one of America’s whitest cities, how to organize against oppression and hate and what it means to be an effective ally.




Ok, Bye! Happy Pride Weekend, have a good one!