Friday Forum Recap: Debating Measure 101

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On Friday, January 5 City Club hosted a debate at the Sentinel Hotel on whether Oregon voters should approve assessments on hospitals and health insurers to help fund the Oregon Health Plan. The room was packed because for the “yes” side the stakes are high—a “no” vote will likely send the legislature scrambling to find money to fund health care for hundreds of thousands of children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

The “No” panel kicked off the discussion with Julie Parrish (R – HD 37, West Linn) saying that the new fees are “unfair, inequitable, and unsustainable.”

The “Yes” panel, which included Jessica Adamson (Director of Government Relations, Oregon Providence Health & Services) and Felisa Hagins (Member, Oregon Health Policy Board and Political Director of SEIU Local 49), framed a “no” vote as “a gamble,” Hagins adding, “if it fails, a million people’s health care is at risk, 400,000 of which are children.”

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Pictured above, the Measure 101 panel and event organizers (L-R): Sam Metz, Jeff Mapes, Julie Parrish, Jessica Adamson, Felisa Hagins, Lisa Watson, Julia Meier