Heavy Breather interviews Mike Love

By Charlie from Heavy Breather

Mike Love has had a long and fruitful experience as a Beach boy, showcasing his beautiful voice and strong opinions throughout his 50+ years with the band. Mike wrote the song Kokomo, arguably their best song in their catalog and continues to sing that song to this day. In addition, he has penned poetic classics such as Fun, Fun, Fun, California Girls, and Surfin’ U.S.A.

Charlie from Heavy Breather had a chance to catch up with the legendary Mike Love about his career, touring, meditation, Kokomo, and life in general.

Image courtesy of Mike Love

Heavy breather: Hi Mike, how are you feeling today? We read that you are an avid meditator, are you still doing that?

Mike Love: I’m good, I AM the Beach boy. Always remember that. I gave up meditating years ago as I realized screaming WHY???? into the mirror does the same thing. Plus it’s cheaper.

HB: Are you playing any concerts soon?

ML: Yeah, playing a cool concert in Tampa Florida doing all my hits such as: Surfin’ guy, Hospice beach, The translucent skin blues, kokomo and bloated hands, tender heart. I want to mention, the concert is 50% off for anyone attached to a hospital gurney with an IV in their arm. 20% off for anyone in an iron lung. No refunds

HB: Nice! So you wrote the song Kokomo, arguably the best Beach boys song. Can you tell us a little about your inspiration?

ML: People get the meaning of that song all wrong. Most people think it’s about tropical places. In reality it’s a song about a man who is battling with intestinal parasites, but eventually gives in to them and ultimately cares for them. Eventually they make their way to his brain, where they control and force him to become a funeral director. He becomes the top funeral director in the country and buries the bodies 12 feet deep instead of the regular 6, which wins him prestige and accolades in the business. They then force him to marry his dentist in order to obtain the unlimited supply of novacane she has access to. The song was originally titled “The lonely dentist”. But Kokomo had a better ring to it.

Image courtesy of Mike Love

HB: What else is going on in your life?

ML: Besides being the Beach boy, I own a chain of rendering plants. We render animal meat faster than Al Jardine’s chain of rendering plants and that’s been proven. Also Al is pretty picky about what meats he will render, but not me. I’ll render anything you give me and that’s a Beach boy promise. My new album is a concept album that guides you through every step of the rendering process. It’s called ” Surf time U.S.A.

HB: Will your tour take you to Portland?

ML: Yes. Last time I was in Portland, I attended the musical production of Driving miss daisy on ice, which i did the music for. During the scene where miss Daisy has to eat through her leg to be free of the chains before the car explodes, I experienced a spiritual awakening. I attribute that to Portland.

HB: What’s next for the Beach boy?

ML: I want to do a tour with the original members of the Beach boys, but I am having a hard time getting the permits to exhume the deceased members. It would be a live show/viewing scenario with members of legendary rock band Aerosmith holding up the taxidermied members of the band while the band plays. In the middle of the show, the members of Aerosmith will throw the dead members into the crowd and they will crowd surf the bodies. Everyone will be happy and cry tears of joy. I got the idea while visiting Lenin’s body in Moscow. I am also starting the religion of Kokomo. Not sure what the premise is, but I do know the members will wear all white and give me control of their bank accounts.

HB: It was nice chatting !

ML: Just remember one day I will shed this earthly skin. And like a butterfly from a chrysalis, I will emerge with exposed muscle, christ like, speeding toward the heaven’s for all the world to gaze upon. I AM the Beach boy.

You can find Mike Love’s tour dates here. For more artist interviews, and other music-related content, check out our blog.