Meet the 2019 XRAY Podcast Awards finalists

Drum roll please! These fine folks have proven themselves to be leaders in the Portland podcast community and are in the running to win cash prizes, gear, and airtime on XRAY FM. We’ll be honoring them and announcing winners at the XRAY Awards gala this Saturday at Polaris Hall. You can snag your ticket here!

Every Body

Every Body is a podcast counteracting the pervasive myths and misconceptions about food, dieting and body image with hard science and engaging storytelling. Hosted by Daria Matza, Every Body visits the latest research to help you better understand your relationships with food and your body. Every Body hopes to shed a light on the grim state of our culture’s dysfunctions when it comes to these issues, and tell the stories of our bodies and food to reveal histories and engage social justice.


Village Vibes

Village Vibes has set out to contribute to a conversation about social awareness and justice, with a dash of pop culture and comedy, to start new conversations and bring voices that are traditionally silenced to the forefront. For hosts Brittain and Kayla, Village Vibes is a platform to add to a dialogue they feel is vital to the climate of our society and country at large. They offer some humor to difficult and emotionally heavy topics as well as personal commentary about our positions in the world and feelings about celebrities, television, film, art, and music.


The Future of What

The Future of What is a podcast about the music industry for insiders, outsiders, and outliers. Each week host Portia Sabin, president of the independent record label Kill Rock Stars, talks to guests ranging from musicians to industry experts about current topics and trends in the music business.


This Is Cannabis

This is Cannabis is THE podcast that takes an inside look at the Oregon weed industry.

Hosted by HiFi Farms founder Lee Henderson and cannabis science educator Emma Chasen, ‘This Is Cannabis’ promises to take an insider look at the Oregon weed scene each week, focusing on science and culture and featuring guests from all over the industry.


Spawn on Me

Spawn On Me is the internet’s definitive video game podcast featuring and spotlighting gamers of color. Brought to you from Portland and Brookago, hosts Kahlief Adams, Cicero Holmes, and Shareef Jackson bring you gaming news, previews and reviews while simultaneously looking at how games affect the world. Humor, insight and the some of the most important people in the gaming world can be found in only one place – the Spawn On Me podcast!


Meet the Ocean

Meet the Ocean is a fun-loving educational podcast for all ages, exploring topics and creatures from the polar regions and other far-off destinations on our unique and fragile planet.

Employing science, storytelling, and encounters from earth’s most remote locations, we combat environmental apathy and further understanding of how the ocean functions, in order to better protect it. Meet the Ocean is hosted by Paul North, a polar expedition diver with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic.


Reflections on Common Ground

This podcast is a collaboration between Portland Art Museum and Portland Meet Portland, a nonprofit that connects immigrants and refugees with community mentors. This is a 4-part series that features immigrants and refugees in Portland and their response to seeing Common Ground, a photography exhibition at Portland Art Museum that featured the work of Fazal Sheikh. Produced by Jon Richardson, Manuel Padilla and Kristin Bayans, this podcast explores what it means to belong in a new community.

Fazal Sheikh is an artist who uses photographs to document people living in displaced and marginalized communities around the world.


Did We Solve It?

A Jew, a Black guy and a half Black-half Filipino guy get together and do a podcast about race. You might be thinking, “Hmm, this sounds like my drunk uncle’s awkward wedding toast.”And you might be correct, but it’s ALSO the idea behind Portland comedians Shain Brenden, Jake Silberman & Thomas Lundy coming together to discuss current events, stereotypes, personal experiences and the modern landscape of race-relations; all in an effort to finally solve racism, on behalf of our beautifully messy melting pot

LISTEN: didwesolveit.podbean

Broken Glass

Broken Glass aims to provide objective analyses of current events, politics, and culture. In an effort to resist the increasingly polarizing left/right or liberal/conservative paradigm, they use satire, music, and journalism in hope to paint an honest picture of the US’s current state of affairs. Their goal is to educate while entertaining and maintain a platform for small businesses to reach an engaged demographic.


Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal is a podcast for nonbinary folks, for people who don’t know what “nonbinary” means, and everyone in between. Created by journalist and educator Molly Woodstock, Gender Reveal amplifies the stories of nonbinary and transgender individuals. The show also serves as a free educational tool for folks seeking to learn more about gender. We even made an entire episode (Gender 101) that explains terminology like cisgender, TERF, and genderqueer. Join us every Monday as we interview queer and trans artists and educators, answer listener questions, analyze current events, and get a little bit closer to understanding what the heck gender is.