Black Belt Eagle Scout Mix

Black Belt Eagle Scout Mix

  1. Haley Heynderickx – No Face
  2. Sávila – Lineas
  3. Little Wings – Saturday
  4. Thanksgiving – Rich (Homeless)
  5. Eskimo and Sons – No Shit
  6. Hand Habits – Sun Beholds Me
  7. French Quarter – Stay
  8. Sonic Youth – Bull In The Heather
  9. Yo La Tengo – You Could Have It All
  10. Mr. Twin Sister – Lady Daydream
  11. Electrelane – Birds
  12. Alvvays – Red Planet
  13. Sleater-Kinney – Burn, Don’t Freeze!
  14. Amenta Abioto – Plant It
  15. Solange – Lovers In The Parking Lot
  16. Little Dragon – Twice
  17. FKA Twigs – Lights On

Katherine Paul is Black Belt Eagle Scout, and after releasing an EP in 2014 Paul has wrapped up the band’s first full-length. Recorded in the middle of winter near her hometown in Northwest Washington, the landscape’s eerie beauty and Paul’s connection to it are palpable on Mother of My Children. Stemming from this place, the album traces the full spectrum of confronting buried feelings and the loss of what life was supposed to look like.

Paul grew up in a small Indian reservation, the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, surrounded by family focused on native drumming, singing, and arts. “Indigenous music is the foundation for all of my music,” Paul explains. From an early age, Paul was singing and dancing at powwows with one of her strongest memories at her family’s own powwow, called the All My Relations Powwow. Paul reminisces, “When I was younger, my only form of music was through the songs my ancestors taught the generations of my family. Singing in our language is a spiritual process and it carries on through me in how I create music today.”

With the support of her family and a handful of bootleg Hole and Nirvana VHS tapes, Paul taught herself how to play guitar and drums as a teenager. In 2007, Paul moved to Portland, OR, to attend college and get involved with the Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls. Inspired by Riot Grrrl and Post-Rock bands like Sleater-Kinney and Do Make Say Think, Paul dove deep into the Portland music scene, playing guitar and drums in a bunch of bands while evolving her artistry into what would later be Black Belt Eagle Scout.

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