Neutrals & Seablite Mix

On June 14th San Francisco artists Neutrals and Seablite will be making the trip down to Portland to perform alongside local favorites Collate and Cay is Okay at The Firkin. To give you a taste of their influences, the members of Neutrals and Seablite have teamed up to bring us a mix of some of their most influential tracks.

From Neutrals and Seablite:

“Both our bands, Seablite and Neutrals, are from San Francisco/Oakland and we both just released LPs on the Emotional Response label, an awesome indie label out of Arizona run by Stewart Anderson from the band Boyracer, of Sarah Records fame. Andy from Seablite is a big fan of freeform radio and XRAY.FM in Portland, so we made a mix for your listeners, to promote our upcoming show in Portland with Collate and Cay is Okay. We’re all obsessive record collectors to varying degrees so each member of each band picked two songs we love and are also influenced by, we hope you enjoy! Come see us at Firkin Tavern on June 14th!”

The Tracklist:

1. Brighter – Does Love Last Forever?
2. Child’s Pose – Caroline
3. Fontaine’s DC – Boys in the Better Land
4. The Asylum Party – Julia
5. Collate – Selective Memory
6. Crash Course in Science – Cardboard Lamb
7. My Bloody Valentine – Thorn
8. Aislers Set – One Half Laughing
9. Mazzy Star – Halah
10. The Go-Betweens – Apology Accepted
11. Charlatans UK – Sproston Green
12. Television Personalities – Stranger to Myself
13. Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning
14. Jane From Occupied Europe – Ocean Run Dry