Pickathon 2019 Recap + Photos

Attending Pickathon always feels like a Portland family reunion. Each year everyone packs up their tents and reusable metal cups, and heads towards the woods for a reunification of friends, volunteers, and the best up-and-coming artists from around the world. As you return you acknowledge the familiar sights you’ve grown accustomed to each year: the horses in their pen, the Galaxy Barn stage waiting to be packed, the dimly lit paths throughout the forested hills, and the beautiful sightlines from all of the uniquely constructed stages. If I had ever gone to camp as a kid, I might equate it to something like that–a musical camp for us to all get away for a weekend and unite over our shared adoration for music.

Below are just a few moments from the festival captured by our resident DJ and photographer James Dineen of Sessions From The Box.

Many thanks to the Pickathon crew for their support and for giving us all a place to catch up in real life each August!