International Women’s Day: Amplifying Voices with 2 Days of Charismatic Content

3 Years Strong
For our third year straight, XRAY celebrates International Women’s Day with a special two-day #AmplifyWomen series of music, stories and discussion. Curated and told from the heart, this potent content focuses on issues pertinent to women, trans and femme livelihood and culture.

Day one of IWD will kick off in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and continue jamming for twenty-four hours straight of creative-juice. free-form radio production featuring songwriters, voices, musicians and producers who all celebrate the spirit IWD.

Day two is twelve hours of unique talk content focusing such topics as “The Cost of Being Intersex”, “Lifting Up Young Women in Art, Power, and Music”, and “Reflecting on 100 Years of Women Voting”. You’ll hear Portland’s community leaders, educators, and artists as they tell their stories to educate and inspire. Full schedule of Monday’s talk content below!

Global Reflections and Individual Development
We celebrate IWD along with many countries around the planet. This year’s global theme is #eachforequal, focusing on the personal responsibility to advocate for an equal world. “Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day. We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.”

We believe distilling personal change is a lot easier when we do it together. We hope to provide inspiration March 8th and 9th by sharing and celebrating IWD with joyful and evocative music and stories from individuals, community leaders and artists.

We want you to interact with us! Text 971-220-KXRY to share your opinions, ideas, stories and feedback throughout the broadcasts.

Schedule of Talk Content for Monday, March 9th, 2020

7:00/8:00XRAY in the MorningHosted by Emily Gilliland and Karol Collymore
8:00/9:00XRAY in the MorningAndrea Paluso of Family Forward, and Crazy Aunt Lindsey Emily Evans of Women’s Foundation of Oregon
9:00/9:30The Cost of Being IntersexHosted by Oh My Dollar!
9:30/10:00Running for Office & What’s “Electable”State House Candidate Paige Kreisman Interview Gender Reveal Podcast
10:00/11:00Inspiring Women to Run & Honing Their Skills to WinEmerge Oregon
11:00/12:00Reflecting on 100 Years of Women VotingCity Club
12:00/1:00Navigating a Male-Dominated Field: Working as a Woman in FinanceNoel Brown of Better Money
1:00/2:00Self Defense & Verbal AssertivenessJennifer Thelander
2:00/3:00Lifting Up Young Women in Art, Power, and MusicHosted by Aviva McClure with Friends of Noise Youth: Setareh, White Lotus and Rain Ezra
3:00/4:00Reproductive Justice & Fighting Attacks on ChoiceReproductive Justice/Health
4:00/5:00Sex Positivity and What You Missed in Sex EdAmory Jane and Stella Harris of Shebop the Shop
5:00/6:00Women in Music then and NowWomen in Music Portland
6:00/7:00The Women’s March, 3 Years InOur sister Vancouver station, KXRW