COVID-19 Updates |

  • MONDAY STARTS OUR FUND DRIVE (4/20 to MayDay) — an opportunity to bring our community together in support of our work. Now more than ever, we need support to keep doing what we do, and keep radio yours.
  • Receiving playlists from our community to keep us connected: you can submit your playlist at
  • ON AIR Studio Guidelines đź”˝
    • No groups, limit to 1 guest, when possible use the phone.
      • If conducting interviews or co-hosting, consider having additional participants on the phone instead of sharing a physical space.
    • Wash and sanitize hands before your program.
    • Wipe down all surfaces and equipment between programs
      • Use wipes to clean faders, buttons and mic arms
      • Clean door handles too
      • Be careful not to damage equipment with wipes
    • Wear gloves and masks when available (XRAY will provide if possible)
  • Volunteer Orientation took place online 3/19
  • Masks and sanitary supplies

Thanks to Ximena for donating a box of masks, please use one during your show (either on your face or the mic you are using). Please don’t use more than that so they can remain available for others. If you can make a donation of any kind it is appreciated. Disposable mic covers have been ordered, but won’t arrive for another few weeks.

  • Supplies were low over the weekend but have been replenished (due to the scarcity of supplies locally we’ve had to order most of what we have).There are Clorox wipes and hand Sani available in studio now, as well as sani spray and paper towels, (thanks to Swag for the spray!). Please if you notice anything low let me or another staff member know about it. I have some rationed upstairs and will do my best to make sure they are available for everyone.
  • Recording from home recommended

If you can record your show from home, please do so. If you want to come in and record an extra episode or two after your regular program this week, please let me know and we’ll get you set up. 

  • The Production Studio will be closed to the public starting on Friday, March 20th.

Until then, please use the same precautions as with the on-air studio. If you have booked time on the production studio calendar but are no longer planning on coming in, please remove the calendar event to free up the limited studio time. We encourage you to record from home as an alternative to using the production studio if possible.

  • 2020 XRAY Awards and After Party scheduled for March 21st are postponed

For the safety of our community, the 2020 XRAY Awards and After Party scheduled for March 21st are postponed. We’re working with our venue partner — the Mississippi Studios-operated Polaris Hall — about rescheduling, and we’ll be in touch with ticket holders promptly.

We are also grappling with how we can help. We recognize the privilege to connect and communicate at times of social distancing. We will be reaching out to artists, creators, candidates, and activists to help amplify their voices — through live sessions, special broadcasts, and on-air debates.

Have a story to tell us about how you’re handling the crisis? Text us or call and leave a voicemail at 971-220-KXRY (5979) or send an email to so we can tell your story on the air and help others get through this trying time. Radio is still yours, we’re proud to be bringing you some.