(Really it’s only been) One Week Later: Recapping Amplify Women 2020

It seems like it’s been years and many natural disaster movies come to fruition since XRAY’s Amplify Women 2020, but really it’s only been 8 days. Yeah, we’re shocked by it too. Things have changed a lot, but XRAY is still here, and we’re proud to be bringing you this mass of content (and more to come!) to keep you feeling loved, entertained, and supported in this scary time.

As a refresher from our mutual real-life enactment of Contagion, Amplify Women is our annual 12 hour teach-in in honor of International Women’s Day. We preempt all of our usual programming and bring in leaders, activists, educators, professionals, and artists in the name of shining a light on the issues facing women in Portland and beyond. This year, we did more of that by extending to two days of programming, one of music sung, played, written, and produced by women, and one day of our typical 12-hour teach-in. Missed it the first time around? See the playlist below for 12 hours of awesome content to feed your socially distant soul. Happy listening and social distancing!

Hear from all these amazing women and femme-identifying individuals and learn how to get involved, stay vigilant, advocate for yourself, support artists, learn your body, defend yourself & more!


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