Listen Together: Mix By Lithics

Here at XRAY, we’re continuing our efforts to amplify the best of Portland and trying very heartily to stay connected during these times of separation. We might not be seeing each other at shows or around town, but we’re all in this together, connected online on the radio. For our playlist series, we’re reaching out to artists, community members, and listeners alike to hear what songs have been getting them through this time of uncertainty. At least for now, we can all listen together.

Here is our first featured playlist from our friends Bob and Aubrey of the band Lithics, with a note from them to you.

You can pre-order Lithics’ upcoming LP, Tower of Age, on Bandcamp now.

Hello from Lithics HQ! The last few weeks have been surreal to say the least and, as always, music has played an important part in keeping us sane. We were grateful to be invited to make this playlist for XRAY by our pal Theo Craig and we ended up having a lot of fun putting it together. It’s an hour of weirdo rock, ramshackle DIY amateurism, and a few cuts from our talented community of friends. We hope it becomes a source of energy and light, helping you forget your troubles for a while.

-Bob and Aubrey
April 6th 2020


XRAY Radio Show April 2020

Intro music is Anne Tardos – Refrigerator Defrosting Gatherings, Recital

1. Half Japanese – Firecracker Live in Hell video, Youtube
2. The Dicks – All Night Fever Hate the Police 7”, Radical Records
3. The Petticoats – Normal Normal 7”, Bla-Bla-Bla Records
4. JJ Ulius – Tänder Ett Ljus Tänder Ett Ljus 7”, Happiest Place
5. Mars (China) – Big Bird China to Mars, Feeding Tube
6. The Magic Band – Sweet Sweet Bulbs Grow Fins Vol II, Xeric
7. Above Ground – Magpies Gone Aiwa, Siltbreeze
8. The Fall – Before the Moon Falls Dragnet, Earmark
9. The Prats – Disco Pope 1990’s Pop EP, Rough Trade
10. Vivienne Styg – Rich Man’s Commodity Rose of Texas EP, Tall Texan
11. XV – Saran Wrap XV, Life Like
12. Harry Pussy – Showroom Dummies Live at The Point, Atlanta 1997, youtube
13. The Red Krayola – Dairy Maid’s Lament God Bless The Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It, International Artists
14. Rays – Ray Johnson You Can Get There From Here, Trouble in Mind
15. Kleenex/Liliput – A Silver Key Can Open an Iron Lock Somewhere Box Set, Kill Rock Stars
16. Mope Grooves – Smashed Landscape Desire, self released
17. Honey Bucket – Terra Cotta Forest Furniture Days, See My Friends Records
18. Honey Radar – Moon Director (version 3) Psychic Cruise 7”, Chunklet
19. Noor – Synapse Fusion Refusal Wont To Wanton Eyebath/Synapse Fusion Refusal 7”, Ultra Eczema
20. Elodie Lauten – Sunrise No Man’s Land/Sunrise 7”, Cat Records
21. Yoko Ono – Waiting for the Sunrise Approximately Infinite Universe, Apple Records
22. L.O.X. – L.O.X. Time L.O.X. Time, See My Friends Records