Juneteenth 2020: Listening Back to a Day of Powerful Conversations

XRAY & The Numberz’ 4th Annual On Air Juneteenth Teach-In came at a time when the world was finally looking in to the day-to-day realities of Black Americans. This came amidst a mass civil rights movement aimed at local governments the likes of which city officials around the country could not have fathomed.

This year, our Juneteenth celebration came amid what was then a weeks long preemption in programming for playlists from our Black-run & serving sister station, The Numberz, conversations around race, lifting up Black businesses and nonprofits, and supporting the actions of protesters demanding better from the City of Portland.

This year’s theme, Blackness in Focus, helped bring us back to what it means to be Black in the “whitest city in America.” We’re not sure who needs to hear this though, but Black creators, hosts, and artists, are not only here for white audiences to consume racial justice content. Throughout this year’s celebration, leaders in our community discussed topics ranging from Black male achievement, to running a business, comedy (thanks to our friends at Minority Retort!), activism, creating music, building political power, and more. We hope you take the time to listen to this year’s teach in, and join us in celebrating Black achievement and joy and fighting for a Portland where trauma from police is not at the forefront of anyone’s mind.

Many thanks to our very own DJ Ambush, XRAY’s Traffic Manager and The Numberz Operations Manager, who worked tirelessly to put together this year’s programming. You can check out the efforts he’s been leading to launch The Numberz, A Black Music Experience Curated for Black Portland, at 96.7 FM or online at thenumberz.fm. We’ll see you there!

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