2021’s Amplify Women: Podcast Season 2 Release + Year 4’s Highlights

When we first held an International Women’s Day Teach In 2018, the incredible women of XRAY wanted to take over the airwaves to amplify the voices of women where often they have not been welcome. We’re unfortunately still in a media industry that does not often recognize women, and substantially underrepresents us, especially if we’re BIPOC. Four years later, we’re still so grateful for the tradition they started and feel lucky to carry it on year after year. As we continue our work to be better in a flawed industry, we’re especially grateful for the voices we’re able to take over the radio with every year–educating our audience while also introducing so many impactful women and femmes to the world of radio. 

This year’s broadcast was no different. In producing the 2021 lineup, we focused on the impacts of the pandemic on women. We went all over the map on how our work has changed, from industries ranging from sex work to union jobs to bringing women of color to the forefront of tech. We delved into where the pandemic is making the world more dangerous for us, from protecting and advocating for survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault, to discussing PPB’s use of tear gas as a reproductive issue. And we got into the issues that never quite get enough attention for our liking, from trans advocacy and womanism to colorism and how we get to transformative justice. 

We hope you enjoy Season 2 of the Amplify Women podcast, and that you continue to talk about these issues long past Women’s History Month. You can see the full lineup of episodes from the entire day’s programming below. Happy listening! 

Thank you to all of our guests and hosts throughout today who made this critical undertaking possible. This programming was coordinated and produced by XRAY Development Manager, Nina Dabit, and XRAY Talk Content Coordinator, Miranda Selinger. Special thanks to Sam Smargiassi, Emily Gilliland, Christine Alexander, Keera Lindenberg, Karly Quadros, Chase Spross, Julia Oppenheimer, Brenda Kinoshita, Amber Boydston, Alexis Braly James, Hannah Rosenau, Stroll PDX, Robin Maxkii, Tuck Woodstock, Radio Survivor, Lunch Bunch, Andre Middleton, Emmy Ritter, Kali Ladd, Portland City Club, Alicia Carroll, Dave Friedlander, Tex Clark, and all of our incredible guests for making our 4th Annual Amplify Women teach in a success.