Want to Volunteer With the Morning News?

XRAY is seeking volunteers to be a part of our morning news team! From hosting and writing to board operation and audio editing, there are many ways to get involved. The priority deadline to apply is August 29th.

A daily morning news broadcast has been part of XRAY since the station’s earliest years! The program is currently on hiatus while we restructure and reimagine its potential; we invite you to be a part of that reimagining. Upon its return, the show would likely air from 8am to 9am Monday through Friday, with a daily local news rundown and interviews bringing in community leaders, journalists, experts, and artists.

Please fill out this form to indicate the role(s) you’re interested in applying for. Role descriptions are below. Volunteers will receive training depending on their role and experience level; this is a good opportunity to deepen existing skills or to shift them into the context of radio.

Hosts: are responsible for hosting their show live once per week, either from studio or remotely. Hosting can be done in pairs or solo. They curate the tone and focus of their show with attention to their own vision, strengths, and knowledge of their audience. They will book and prep approximately one guest interview per weekly show, plus anchor the news segment and any recurring segments scheduled for that day (coordinated in collaboration with XRAY staff). Morning show hosts will be the primary producers of the program, with the support of the rest of the volunteer team and XRAY’s talk programming coordinator. Experienced hosts may have the option to extend their program block by 30 minutes into the preceding hour.

Board Op/Assistant Producers: arrive at the studio before the live show begins to set up and operate the board during the live show. They can have the option to assist hosts with production tasks when needed in addition to board op duties.

News Writers: compose the copy for the daily local news rundown to be read by hosts during the live show and later edited for The Local podcast. This involves listening to the daily program to familiarize oneself with what has been covered that week, researching the day’s top local news stories, and writing up original copy from a variety of sources in radio-friendly format.

Editors: craft and publish the daily podcast episode for The Local, XRAY’s daily news podcast, using recent broadcast audio. They also isolate segments of the show and edit for quality, loudness, and occasionally create evergreen segments and show promos for broadcast.

Correspondents and Contributors: can work more independently from the morning news production team. They might regularly create and submit short pieces of content, such as 5-minute original reporting pieces or mini episodes on a theme, or call in to the morning show on a regular basis to correspond on an area of expertise. There’s some flexibility here, and we are open to your ideas!