The 2021 Annual Eat, Drink, Buy Local Guide is here!

Waited to shop for the holidays? At a loss of where to find the perfect gift, activity, or way to give back? XRAY’s Annual Eat Drink, & Buy Local Guide is here! 

Every year, we put together the local businesses that have made our world go round over the last year. We’re proud to be supported by so many local makers, merchants, and talented small business owners. These folks know just how important building a better media and being conscious of the media you consume is. Support our local economy this season and join them in working for a better Portland! 

In the guide below you’ll find an interactive PDF for download and a handy digital map, ready to explore. The guide is conveniently broken down by business type to easily navigate around our favorite local restaurants, coffee makers, drinks, and services! The Google map (see below) is a valuable way to see what businesses are in your neighborhood or right around the corner.

Interested in joining our list of local favorites? Contact for more details or fill out the form at!

The Guide is available as both a document and a map. Not every business is on the map (lots of folks distribute to other stores or just don’t have a brick & mortar), but you can find what’s in your neck of the woods.