Our 2021 Highlight Reel & A Lookahead to Plans for 2022

We at XRAY wanted to thank you for your dedication and support during 2021. What a year, right?  While the world has changed terrifically in the last year, our commitment to hold a microphone up to the best and most distinctive of Portland has not. Thanks to your generous support, the collective of XRAY (staff, volunteers, board, members, and listeners) has:

Made significant investments in staff: We increased wages across the board for all staff this summer, raising the entry level hourly rate from $15/hour to $18/ hour.  We also added health benefits for those working half time or more.

Put the spotlight on our community: The board created a new full-time position of Community Manager to ensure volunteers had a dedicated staff person for support and training (Welcome Kathryn!). ​​Throughout November and December, we aired 120+ free radio spots at the top of every hour (that’s over 1400 plays!) for local nonprofits in conjunction with Willamette Week’s Give!Guide to raise awareness about the great work of these organizations and bolster donations. 

Kept the airwaves alive: We’ve welcomed DJs back into the studio with COVID-safe protocols, while continuing to support DJs broadcasting remotely. We added six (!) brand new shows this fall already on rotation, with as many as two dozen more on deck for the winter. Our DJ advisory group thoughtfully selected dynamic new shows with the goals of diversifying the genres heard on XRAY, and increasing representation of women, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC hosts. Be sure to check out “Test Pilots” on Tuesdays 2-3pm to hear some of these brand new DJs lift off. 

We are just getting started! In 2022, we will be focused on:

Expanding and improving our ability to deliver local news: We are exploring new partnerships to deliver impactful stories ignored by corporate mainstream media. How do we demonstrate to the next generation why local news matters?

Bolstering our signal: We are dedicated to reaching more of our community through our terrestrial signal and improved streaming capabilities, both online and in the XRAY app.

Sharing knowledge with our community: We want to empower the next generation of broadcasters by offering experience with audio editing, production, news writing, and engineering, especially for folks who have historically faced barriers to breaking into radio.

We are sincerely grateful for your generosity in making all this possible. Thank you!

H. Hinson, XRAY Board President on behalf of the Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers at XRAY