Enjoy smoother listening on 107.1 & 91.1 FM

Many thanks to all of XRAY’s listeners and members for sticking with us during our recent signal issues on 91.1 and 107.1 FM. 

You likely heard the regular dropouts that were affecting many of our broadcasts, especially during high traffic times such as the Thom Hartmann Program and our drive-time music programming in the afternoon. 

I’m happy to announce that on February 10th we implemented and began testing an upgrade to the system that delivers audio from our studio to the transmitters, and so far we’ve seen substantial improvements to the stability of our signal through this testing period. 

In addition to resolving the dropouts, this new upgrade also allowed us to increase the fidelity of the signal being sent to the transmitter. So as you tune in to your favorite XRAY shows, we hope our listeners will notice an improvement in the overall sound quality delivered on-air.

I personally think this is the best 107.1FM has ever sounded! 

We invite you to be the judge, though – after all, radio is yours! Let us know how it’s sounding where you listen – we always appreciate hearing from you. 

Thanks for listening to XRAY.FM!

– Chase Spross, Station Manager

⚡Welcome XRAY’s newest shows!⚡

For the past several weeks, we’ve been airing pilots from up-and-coming XRAY DJs during Test Pilots (Tuesdays 2-3pm), and we’ve loved hearing your responses – including “where can I hear more?!” We’re so excited to announce that 8 new shows are now ready for lift off.

Introducing –

This eclectic mix of new shows spans dozens of genres you won’t hear on commercial radio, and some of which haven’t been heard on XRAY til now. 

Click below to learn more about the DJs, hear their first episodes, and incorporate them into your weekly listening rotation. And keep an eye on Test Pilots for updates as we continue to welcome new hosts to the XRAY crew!

⚡Schedule Updates⚡

Along with new shows joining the schedule, we’ve got a few more schedule changes to put on your radar so you can keep up with the XRAY shows you already know and love. 

Starting March 3rd, Blind Dates with Morning Remorse moves from Mondays 9-10pm to Thursdays 8-9pm; Sex, Drugs, and Basketballmoves an hour later to Thursdays 9-11pm; and Very Good Plus (fka Discovery) moves from Thursday 10-11pm into a new home earlier in the week, Tuesdays 10-11pm.

Record Lections with hell books has moved from Tuesdays 10-11pm to Thursdays 6-7pm, followed by Savage Beat with Honest John, now on Thursdays 7-8pm.