XRAY in the Morning: Causa Executive Director on ICE and Francisco Dominguez

Francisco J. Rodriguez Dominguez was arrested by ICE agents at his home early Sunday morning.  He was taken to ICE field offices in Portland, then transferred to Tacoma Detention Center.  Causa and other organizations called for public involvement (phone calls and legal assistance), resulting in a quick release for Francisco yesterday afternoon. The case is ongoing.

Dominguez was enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but was arrested for a DUI last year.  He was going through a deferment program which would have eliminated the DUI from his record once completed.  Despite his enrollment in this program, ICE came to his home without a warrant, and, likely unaware of their rights, his family allowed agents inside.

Andrea Williams, Executive Director of Causa appeared on XRAY in the Morning to discuss Dominguez’ arrest and release, emphasizing the rights that immigrants and their families have, as well as the important role that media and the community play in situations like this.

Listen to the interview in full here, or using the player below (Andrea WIlliams at 1:33:07).

Read more about it here.

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