Dark & Dreamy at Lose Yr Mind Fest

This year marked the fourth annual Lose Yr Mind Fest, a local festival that started as a collection of various house shows and gained steam, hosting the fest for the first three years at AudioCinema. This year, the dream got bigger! Doubling in size, Lose Yr Mind Fest had the fortune of setting up at the North Warehouse on Tillamook, with an incredible line-up starring both local celebrities and touring bands from Washington to Los Angeles.

The music at Lose Yr Mind matches it’s dark and dreamy warehouse vibe. Friday night’s show kicked off with Darto, Lithics, The Ghost Ease, Chastity Belt, Wand, with a late night special guest Frankie and the Witch Fingers. A projector in the back, hosting a background display of eerie psychedelic overtones, fit neatly with the delightfully drony tunes.

Saturday night kept it flowing, starting dreamy with locals Night Heron and Blackwater Holylight, and picking up to more punk-inspired sets by Public Eye, Tacocat, and Twin Peaks.

The foundation of Lose Yr Mind Fest started with Elizabeth Elder, also known as “Party Boy No. 1” of the Party Boyz zine/podcast. With the passion and support of other local artists and contributors such as Misplaced Printing (who design posters and t-shirts, fresh off the screen-print press for purchase), Atlas Cider, Tender Loving Empire, Eleven Magazine, and many more including us at XRAY.fm (full list here), this small festival has taken on a life of its own and has become a source of comfort within the local community.

Here’s to another great year! If you missed out this year, be sure to keep an eye out for other events hosted by Lose Yr Mind at The Liquor Store and other local venues, and stay tuned for Lose Yr Mind next year.  – text and photos by Eirinn Gragson